I need a 6 page paper on their eyes are watching god by Zora neale’s Huston. The thesis must clearly set forth the objectives of the paper. The outline must have an introduction and conclusion plus at least 5 point sentence outline. The sources must be from a reputable source like gale group or litfinder or EBSCOHost no generic internet sources that are not reputable. I would need xerox copies and prinouts of all outside sources including title pages w/publishing information to turn in with the paper. The paper must be a literary theme. It must analyze a writer’s use of particular literary techniques (i.e., symbolism, characterization, heroic figures, figurative language, irony, imagery, style.)It must contain at least 3 intergrated quotations from primary text and secondary text. The book we used in class is Their eyes were watching god by Zora Neale Hurston First Perennial classics edition published 1998 Pernnial Classics are published by Harper Perennial, a division of Harper Collins Publishers INC 10 east 53rd Street New York N.Y. 10022 The paper must be word processed in a double-spaced standard 12 point font Times New Roman or arial. Correct parenthetical citations and Works cited page in MLA style. We are encouraged to consult the Bedford Guide for College Writers or SF writers