Two books that should be used as sources are “Saving your marriage before it starts” by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, and “The worlds easiest guide to family relationships” by Gary Chapman.
Four topics to be dealt with. 1)Affirmation (overcoming the practice of criticism). 2)Communication skills. 3)Conflict Management. 4)Forgiveness and reconciliation.
Each topic should be approximately 2 1/2 pages a piece and each topic will stand alone. This should be an application assignment, in which a reflection will be written to demonstrate how well the student has tried to use the concepts learned in his personal life and relationships. Ten pages double spaced. Documentation is expected, but not in the same full sense of writing a normal research paper. Guidelines for this paper include 1)having seriously engaged the subject and the concepts used; 2)thoroughness of comments and reflection, including use of the two books mentioned above; 3)proper use of grammar, spelling, punctuation and English syntax. It is not required that success be attained in the use of these concepts, but that serious effort is made to reach out and put into practice the ideas presented in class.