Research the broad subject of fairy tales and other forms of entertainment (books, television, movies, video games, etc). Write about how the use of violence in fairy tales and other forms of entertainment affect children. Describe how each form of entertainment depicts violence. Mainly focus on violence in fairy tales and explain how some of these dark stories can have a negative impact on children. Some fairy talestories to consider are the different versions of Cinderella: Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm’s “Ashputtle,” “A Chinese Cinderella,” “An African Cinderella,” A Native American Cinderella.” Also different versions of “Little Red Riding Hood” portray many violent acts that can be used as examples. The paper must be 5 full pages of text. This paper is not a personal opinion or personal response paper. It must be based on research and use cited sources within the text to back up the thesis. It is important to include a few citations from fairy tales to prove that there is violence in some of these stories. The paper must use at least five reliable and authoritative sources. Wikipedia CANNOT be used as a source.