The Paper MUST pass scrutiny.

The main source must come from the following book: The Bureau, The Secret History of The FBI. Here is the link –

The text must be cited numerous (7 to 10) times in APA style, including the Author, year and page number of citation. This must be the same for all citations (Author, year, page number).

The research paper must focus on the FBI in general and it’s failure as a bureaucracy in that text. It also must have a minor focus on how it’s failures were integrity or ethics related. Bring into accounts of other issues that affected the bureaucracy that may have aided in this failure, especially from the aforementioned main source. Additionally, the paper should mention how the bureau continued to fail the American people up to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Here are the sections of the paper that must be followed exactly:

I. Intro (2 pages)- Indicate what the topic is (major crisis/problem), why is this an important societal issue?, it’s impact on society. Brief description of the FBI‘s role on society. How was the research conducted, the literature used for insight.

II. Literature review (approx 3 pages) – Framework of theory (digest the authors approaches and the positions they took in the book, article etc. they wrote.)

III. Details (4 pages) – Factual overview of topic, the failure. (example: when FBI agent turned traitor operate undetected for a decade or more). How and why this occurred.

IV. Analysis (4 pages) – What has been read? Relationship to problem. Evaluate and criticize the information. Indicate evidence of symptoms that led up to the failure (it didn’t just happen overnight.)

This must be included in the analysis section (word for word)- O’Hara mentions several categories of failure. One such failure is structural failure, “occurs when operations, procedures and processes that are functioning according to design lead to failure” (O’Hara, 2005, p.18). Another failure mentioned is oversight failure, which “occurs when operational supervision and oversight staff fail to detect and/or address organizational conditions that depart significantly from the norm” (O’Hara, 2005, p.19). A third failure O’Hara (2005) indicated was cultural deviation, which “occurs when elements of the organization increasingly operate according to their own standards, with little regard for the larger organization and its rules” (p.19). These categories of failure centralize the problems that persisted and will continue to plague the FBI.

(Explain how the facts of the research fit each of the three failures mentioned by O’Hara).

V. Summary (2 pages) – Conclusion. Briefly describe what the topic was, major findings (facts), current status of the FBI and any recommendations to prevent future problems or current issues that might lead to such significant failure.

Reference page:

Here are the two sources I already mentioned. The bureau, which needs to be cited and O’Hara which I have already cited for you. Include them in the reference page along with 3 other sources, here is the following information for the 2 sources:

Author: Ronald Kessler
Book: The Bureau: the secret history of the FBI
Copyright date:2002
Published by: St. Martin’s Paperback in NY, NY

Author: Patrick O’Hara
Book: Why Law Enforcement Organizations Fail: mapping the organizational fault lines in policing
Copyright date: 2005
Published by: Carolina Academic Press in Durham, NC

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