1. Discuss the Roots of American Policing

A. Depending on kinship for safety in Medieval England
B. The English office of the sheriff
C. The state as victims, Legis Henrici
D. The Magna Carter, Origins of Due Process

2. The Development of Policing In America

A. 1776 ? 1850
B. 1850 – 1900

Law and Order in the Colonies
Vigilantes and Posses in the west Private Policing
3. Foundations of Modern American Policing. 1900 ? 1930

A. Labor conflict and local police
B. August Vollmer and the professionalism of police

4. Origins of Federal Law Enforcement

A. US. Marshall Service
B. US Postal Investigation Service
C. US Secret Service
D. Department of Investigations and the Federal Bureau of Investigations

Please refer to the texts below also

1. Criminal Justice: James A. Fagin, Publisher, Allyn & Bacon
2. Criminal Justice Today 7th ed. Frank Schmalleger – Prentice Hall