Hello.. I need a short three page paper in MLA format. I have chosen the following topic: The negative sociological and psychological affects of unemployment on people and the family structure. I will be needing 5 sources. 3 of these sources must be books. These books must be current. meaning no older than 6 years. They can be college text books if need be (which may be the most current). the other two sources must be periodicals or respected monthly journals (like what doctors get… something like a magizine) these two sources can be no more than 1 or 2 years old. Please please use sources that are current. It is a major requirement of my assignment. Also these sources must be reasonably accessible. If they are hard to come by and I can get them they will be no use to me. I know you have no idea what I can and can’t get. Please use your best judgement. I have access to a large library. Some sources as you know are printed in limited quantities and not well known and therefore many libraries won’t have some. Thank you for your professionalism and service.