i want you to write about the female hero in new york novel. that is, i want to make a comparative study for three novels in which i talk exclusively about the female hero applying feminist and psychoanalysis theory . i want you to write only about the following three novels. 1- Sapphire’s Push 2- Angie Cruz’s Soledad 3- Suki Kim’s the interpreter.
i want you to discuss the similarities and differences in the female hero in these three novels. I want you to write how Precious in Sapphire’s Push, Suzi in Suki Kim’s the interpreter and Soledad in Angie Cruz’s Soledad. are similar and different from each others. I want you only to use the novels themselves and to use secondary resources only when it is very necessary , also i want you to give examples from the novel itself .the most important thing in this novel is the quotations from the novel itself. please give me example or evidence from the novels for every thing you discuss. i don’t want to analyze any novel other than these three novels. the most important thing is how female hero in these novels are similar and different. Please be specific and precise in every thing you analyze .