I would like a paper that discusses the Cinema in Hongkong and how the movies have influenced countless America movies plus how many hong kong movies have become very popular in North America..

Here is a prilimary outline discussing the ideas I want to discuss:

Hong Kong Cinema

It’s almost hard to believe that some of the most recent Hollywood Blockbusters are nothing but recreations of movies produced years before in Hong Kong. The FilmIndustry of Hong Kong is believed to rival those of Bollywood and even Hollywood. I would like to take this opportunity in my term paper to discuss Hong Kong Cinema. I would like to review some of the most recent movies that are recreated based on successful Hong Kong movies like: The Departed and Face Off , Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, etc… and I would also like to discuss why North Americans love movies like : Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero, and other various movies that depict Chinese history and martial arts, culture and confuscist values.
The beautiful thing about the cinema in Hong Kong is that the movies are very art-sie. If you watch most of the movies they especially go above an beyond in creating the set and costumes, music and dialog ensure they depict the history accurately. This is something that Hollywood has forgotten in order to load a movie with special effects and action. In fact many people would argue that many Hollywood movies are meant to solely entertain the viewers while the movies from Hong Kong not only entertain the viewers but also give the viewers a sense of identity.

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