This is a thesis proposal. The thesis question is whether FEMAshould remain a part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Please ensure to NOT include opinion as this is a thesis proposal that will come to a conclusion through research. Within the proposal, it should talk about what will be studied, such as how other countries have it set up and how successful their systems are. I have a rough draft proposal that I will attach as a source material. This draft includes 4 sources already. You can utilize this proposal to help with the creation of the new proposal. You must add at least 2 more sources. All sources must be scholarly. I am also going to attach as a source material the format the proposal MUST be in. This format document also includes an example of how each section must be written. Please write this proposal exactly in the same manner as the format provided. Please make this a thorough thesis proposal. Again, use no opinion! If you use any citations, please site using APA. The sources also must be in APA. I appreciate your help with this task.