I need a paper on FedEx Corp. and their affect on globalization over the last five years.

Resources should be reliable and current and be based on facts. I will provide resources including FEDEx website FedEx History About FedEx 3.mht and Wikileak thttp://www.wikinvest.com/stock/FedEx_(FDX)/Topich which may be of some use. Any other that you may find, can serve as resources. Please make sure to cite resources appropriately and please NO PLAGERISM!

The paper should focus on Fed EXPRESS and their full Service Shipment industry and should contain the following headings.

An introduction with information on current CEO and what FedEx is currently doing, Fed Ex Express industry, current major competitors, a ompany overview of all products and services, and strategic Challenges, competitive advantages, and compentencies.

Should include graphs, market shares, and financial data that relates to their success as compared to their competitors.