FICTION ESSAY ASSIGNMENT over short story “Miss Brill” by Katherine Mansfield

This essay will be a CRITICAL ANALYSIS of a short story of your choice. Choose a story from the book that we have NOT (or will not) discussed in class. (See the List of Works to Read Handout for works NOT to use!)

STEP #1: Define a theme for the short story.
STEP #2: In a coherent, well structured essay, explain how AT LEAST four elements of
fiction reveal, support, embody and/or prove that theme.

(Remember: The elements of fiction are plot, character, setting, point of view, and symbol. Use four of these AND use the vocabulary from class.)

Be sure the thesis statement is precise and clear. It ought to include (yes, in one sentence at the end of the introduction paragraph) both the statement of theme and the elements to be used in proving it. (An example of this may be something like: Shirley Jackson?s short story, ?The Lottery,? uses plot, character, setting and point of view to reveal the theme that it is necessary to examine traditions.) This sentence then becomes the road map to the essay which follows. Therefore, every element will be presented in the body in the same order as it was presented in the thesis. Also, every element will discuss the individual example of the element AND explain how that specific example proves the stated theme.

In keeping with the thesis, use one paragraph to develop claims about one element. Be sure to make specific claims, support them with textual details, and then EXPLAIN the importance of that example (CTT). I cannot read your mind, and you cannot be present when I grade to say, ?But what I meant there was?? If it is not on the page, it is an incomplete thought.

Use one inch margins and regular fonts no larger than 12 points. Be sure there is a title. Double space the text. The length should be three pages. (Be sure to have all four elements and their specific vocabulary from class.)

Note: There is an accompanying handout for this assignment. See the Fiction Essay Template Handout as a guide for this essay.