*Focus on the historical and social background that influenced Ernest Gaines and his literary works; You will write a research paper to support the author and his literary works were influenced by the civil rights movement. Analyze each main character’s symbol in the novels listed below, and relate to one another. For example, Jefferson in “A Lesson Before dying” is related to someone in a novel because they represent some meaning. (must be related to the civil rights movement)

Primary source: “A Lesson Before Dying” by Ernest Gaines

Secondary sources: “The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, ” “Catherine Carmier, ” “Of Love and Dust, ” “A Gathering of Old Men, ” and his other literary works that support the analysis. (mandatory use), history information that describes about the civil right movement especially in Lousiana. (the author was born in Lousiana)

*Please indicate the page number as you cite any sources.(quotation-mark form)
*Do not use too much sophisticated words!! (I’m not a native speaker!!)

*Make some technical errors! ex: inappropriate word choice (but not many; the professor might have suspicion if my essay is too perfect.

*If you can, please do outline.(optional)