1. Hitchcock–The Murderous Gaze identifies a number of motifs or symbols (for example, what the book refers to as the “////” sign; the white flash; the “curtain raising” effect; the “tunnel shot”; the “profile shot”) which Hitchcock uses in film after film. Choose any THREE of these motifs. For each, briefly discuss TWO specific instances of Hitchcock’s use of the motif.

2. One of the central claims of Hitchcock–The Murderous Gaze is that Hitchcock’s artistic identity is fully evident in films as early as The Lodger. Briefly discuss.

3. Are Hitchcock’s films misogynistic (anti-women)? Explain.

4. In Hitchcock films, theater is a central theme or subject. Discuss the role of theater in Hitchcock’s work.

5. What makes a movie Hitchcockian?