Included in my references will be the grading rubric for the paper.

Description of paper: From within any segment of the health care industry, develop a policy change initiative that would have the potential to improve a health system or the health status of individuals or groups. Your focus may be on local or statewide issues, the U.S. as a whole, or on global policy. Select an area related to your professional interests. Describe it in your paper, including a brief historical overview; delineation of population groups to be targeted; research support (as available and relevant); stakeholders and key players; related missions/ philosophy and political considerations; funding opportunities; health disciplines and their roles in your policy; and implementation plans. Be realistic — that is, take into account costs and funding factors ?” and use knowledge from the course.
Your individual paper should be focused and in depth within the required page limits. Follow the guidelines detailed in the grading rubric. Make sure you understand all of the criteria to be used in grading your paper. The paper will be graded based both on substance & technical writing strength.
Paper length: 7-10 pages. Use APA (5th or 6th ed.) format. Current journals and legitimate websites should be used for your research. Reference page should not be dominated by internet/website references (no more than 35%). This does not include electronic journal references.

My topic is arguing that the FDA should cover botox injections into the bladder for both neurogenic and non-neurogenic bladder issues. The paper must include research on the process for FDA approval and policy setting. Currently, intravesical botox injections are an off-label usage of botox, as it is not approved by the FDA. Due to this reason, many insurance companies will not cover botox injections, despite the amount of research that supports its efficacy. Many of my patients have tried every other avenue of treatment and failed, and insurance will still not cover the botox. A vial of 100 units of botox is roughly $600, and many people require 300 units of botox per injection. Each session of botox injections lasts approximately 6 months. That is $3600 out-of-pocket every year to give a patient a normal life. In today’s economy, that is outrageous!
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