Final Exam Essay
You have been selected to be the Chief Planetary Geologist on a manned expedition to a planet in a newly discovered solar system. Preliminary data suggests that it resembles the inner planets of our solar system and appears to have an atmosphere and hydrosphere. Your first task is to write a proposal that lays out a plan for a Phase 1 Investigation to determine the fundamental geology and geophysics of the planet. In the plan you need to discuss the critical features and characteristics of the planet you plan to search for and how you propose to search for them to determine their importance for the modern planet and, to whatever degree possible, the history of the planet.

Your vast knowledge of planetary geology and your understanding of planetary processes in our solar system is highly respected in the global Earth Sciences community. You are known as a person who knows how planets work and what to look for to discover how they work. Your colleagues respect you for being thorough and complete and employing your knowledge effectively. Your final report will be the cornerstone for further expeditions so it must focus on the fundamental nature of the planet and be a guide for further studies. Your report can be based entirely on what you learned this quarter and further research is NOT necessary, but if you have time a couple of planetary geology websites might definitely be an enhancement. Your report should be two to three pages long.