Financial Reporting on the Internet
(AMETEK, Inc.)

AMETEK, Inc. (?AMETEK? or the ?Company?) is incorporated in Delaware. Its predecessor was originally incorporated in Delaware in 1930 under the name American Machine and Metals, Inc. The Company maintains its principal executive offices in suburban Philadelphia at 1100 Cassatt Road, Berwyn, Pennsylvania, 19312. AMETEK is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with operations in North America, Europe, Asia and South America. The Company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (symbol: AME). The common stock of AMETEK is a component of the S&P MidCap 400 and the Russell 1000 Indices.
Access the AMETEK?s web page at: . From AMETEK?s home page, choose Investors, and then ?Financial News & Information?. From ?Financial Reports?, download 2012 annual report on Form 10-K (PDF).

Please use the annual report to answer the following questions:

1- Who is responsible for the preparation of the financial statements and related information that are presented in this report? Support the answer with evidence from AMETEK?s 2012 annual report.
2- Why is it important that AMETEK follows a standard set of accounting policies (Called Generally Accepted Accounting Principles ?GAAP?). e.g. ?Revenue Recognition and the Cost Principle?) in the preparation of financial statements?
3- For the two most recent years, 2012 and 2011, list the amounts reported for ?Revenue?, ?Operating Income?, and ?Net Income?. Is AMETEK growing and expanding? Is AMETEK a profitable company?? Comment whether the three years (2012, 2011, and 2010) trend of revenues is favorable or unfavorable. Support the answer with suitable figures and ratios from the AMETEK?s 2012 annual report.
4- For the two most recent years (2012 and 2011), list the amounts reported for ?Total Assets?, ?Total Liabilities?, and ?Total (Owner?s or Shareholder?s) Equity?. Does the accounting equation hold true for AMETEK? Is the consolidated balance sheet presented in a classified format? How can you tell?
5- Briefly explain what is meant by the term property, plant and equipment, identifying at least three items included in this category. Support the answer with suitable figures from AMETEK?s 2012 annual report.
6- Does AMETEK, Inc. use cash-base or accrual-base accounting? How can you tell? How much cash was provided by operations during 2012 and 2011? Where did you find this information?
7- Identify four accounts on AMETEK?s consolidated balance sheet that provide evidence that AMETEK uses accrual accounting. In each case, identify the income statement account that would be affected by the adjustment process.
8- Find AMETEK?s 2012 consolidated statement of cash flows. What journal entry did AMETEK make in 2012 to record:
a- Additions to property, plant and equipment.
b- Dividends paid to shareholders.
9- For the two recent years (2012 and 2011), calculate the current ratio for AMETEK. What is meant by this ratio? Show your work in calculating this ratio. Write a brief statement describing what you have learned about the AMETEK?s liquidity and its trend.
10- For the two most recent years (2012 and 2011), are AMETEK?s assets primarily financed by debt or owner?s equity? Explain your reasoning.

In your answer, you are kindly to explain each point or inquire separately. Use the following headings to make up the different sections of your answer:

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Essay: Financial Reporting on the Internet (AMETEK, Inc.) in 10 paragraphs, total 1200 words. You are kindly to use a Microsoft Office Word and Times New Roman Font of 14 points.

Reference list: Recorded according to the Harvard style.