Research and write a paper on financial ratio analysis.
Include in the paper:
• Description of major ratio categories (see below)
• Description/definition of each ratio
• How each category relates to the financial statements (for example income statement, balance sheet etc.)
• Examples of application of ratios calculation and interpretation of ratios to a specific company (Use Costco or Sam’s Club) (one from each category only)

Major Categories of Ratios –
1) Liquidity Measurement Ratios:
– Current Ratio
– Quick Ratio
– Cash Ratio
– Day’s Sales in Receivables Ratio
– Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio
-Days Sales in Inventory Ratio
-Inventory Turnover Ratio
-Operating Cycle Ratio
-Working Capital Ratio
2) Debt Ratios:
– Times Interest Earned Ratio
– Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio
– Debt Ratio
– Debt-Equity Ratio
– Debt to Tangible Net Worth Ratio
2) Profitability Indicator Ratios:
-Net Profit Margin Ratio
-Total Asset Turnover Ratio
– Return On Assets Ratio
– Operating Income Margin Ratio
-Operating Asset Turnover Ratio
5) Investment Valuation Ratios:
-Degree of Financial Leverage
– Price per Share Ratio
– Earnings per Share Ratio
– Percentage of Earnings Retained Ratio
– Dividend Payout Ratio
– Dividend Yield Ratio
– Book Value per Share Ratio
– Maturity of Options Ratio

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