Financial Ratio Analysis Report
Complete and submit a 1400-2000 wor Financial Ratio Analysis Report following the guidlines below.
A. Obtain financial information for a Fortune 500 company (I don’t care which one) You should begin obtaining an annual report for the company.
B. Prepare a 3-5 year trend table of 12-15 of the financial ratios you consider the most important for your selected company for the most recent year. Include a brief rationale for each ratio you have calculated.
C. Compare the ratios calculated, write a paragraph interpreting the trends and identify strengths and weaknesses.
E. Assess the financial condition of the company.
F. Discuss other factors beyond the ratios that need to be considered in the assessment of the company’s health.
G. Discuss how your assessment compares to what management is telling the shareholders in the annual report.
H. Identify possible problems you see this company facing in the next year that would require further analysis and exploration.
I. Identify a key new manaement initiative that is detailed in the company’s annual report. Using fianancial ratios, assess the company’s preparedness to launch this initiative. What nonfinancial considerations need to be evaluated in order to determine the likelihood of the intiative’s success?