This research paper is meant to be more practical than theoretical. By this I mean that a signficant portion of this paper should be focused on “best practices” and proven techniques used by reputable staffing agencies (and other corporate organizations that use a contingent workforce) in order to improve the recruiting strategies and most importantly, the retention rate of its temporary employees.

The tone of this paper should be as if I were conducting this research myself at my current company. Background: I work as an on-site/vendor recruiter at a top financial services company in Wall Street, NY. The bulk of my hires are administrative assistants and other entry level finance positions that range from a couple of days to several months in length. The skill sets necessary for these positions are proficiency on MS Office, prior work experience as an administrative assistant in a corporate setting, and polished and professional presentation and demeanour. For entry level finance candidates, we look for undergraduates from top and reputable schools around the country whom have a good understanding of finance concepts, accounting, financial modeling, regression analysis and other analytical-type skills. Additionally, those placed at this company need to have a clear criminal background and for most positions a minimum of a Bachelors degree. Recruiting strategies should be focused around these skill sets and pre-requisites.

Our current and biggest challenge is being able to retain our repeater employees, while also trying to get the hiring managers to give us enough time to fill the jobs (on average, hiring managers are giving us 1-2 days to fill these positions, and this can be tough given all of the necessary paperwork and background checks that must be completed and cleared before they start). Our employees are leaving because of numerous reasons such as getting hired full time by the company, leaving the temp assignment to accept a full time position with another company, and a change in career focus. Pay has never been of much concern, we pay our employees at market value, minumum of $21+ an hour and we offer our employees medical benefits as well as accrued paid vacation time. Though benefits and hourly pay information should be part of this report, the primary focus should be on “intangible” and “soft” strategies such as improving employee morale, communication and relationship building, among many others you may find.

The purpose of this research paper is for me to “propose and implement” possible solutions to the current high turnover rate (partially due to the competitive job market for top talent) we are experiencing with our temporary employees.

Other information: Reputable staffing companies you might be able to obtain “best practices” information from include Manpower, Addeco, Randstad, Robert Half, Exult and Kelly Services. In terms of citations, quotations, etc, I would say 2-3 per page would suffice; these could be quotes from industry leaders or any other relevant information found.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks so much!!