Financial Analysis

Using the financial statements from the Major Medical Center Case Study ??” SEE UPLOAD FOR CASE STUDY, complete the following questions.
• Review the auditor’s opinion letter. Are any flags raised
• Review the financial statements. Search for unusual items. What things catch your eye on the balance sheet, operating statement, and cash flow statement?
• Review the notes. Do any of them raise cause for concern?
• Calculate the following ratios using Excel: common size, current, quick, days of cash on hand, receivables turnover, average collection period, fixed asset turnover, total asset turnover, debt, debt to equity, times-interest-earned, operating margin, total margin, ROA, and RONA.
• What do you think of Major Medical Center’s financial status? Explain your analysis.
REMEMBER: Submit two page Word document and your Excel worksheet. NO LATE PAPER WILL BE ACCEPTED.

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