Please write a thesis, a 1.5-page very detailed outline and introductory paragraph (total 3 pages) on the topic of films as expression of a society/country/culture’s values. Please write two of these for a total of six pages. Each of the two topics should cover a different value, e.g. technology is important, acceptance of homosexuality, and compare any two countries. This is the beginning of a 40-page research paper and a good job will be rewarded the paper as well.

The main thrust of the paper is a study of films. So instead of discussing the cultural differences/similarities outright, it should be done as reflected in the popular films/movies of that country. So for example, one could be a contrast between the acceptance of homosexuality between the US and Italy. You would write about 3-4 movies in the US that show acceptance and then 3-4 Italian movies that express disapproval. Not sure how to tie it together in an interesting and insightful way, so please put some serious thought into writing and interesting thesis and the structure of the outline.

Please also make lists of the movies to be referenced and any include a total of 18 references on the topics.