Film Review Essay Assignment (click on this title and scroll down to submit your paper)
Imagine you have been hired as a film critic for a newspaper. Write a two to three-page paper (double-spaced, 12-pt. font in Times New Roman and that meets MLA format specifications) discussing the merits of a film of your choosing. At least one time but no more than three times, cite (quote or paraphrase) Roger Ebert or a similar recognized film critic on this movie.

Be sure to include a discussion of three of the following elements: the plot, casting, directing, diction (type of language), filming techniques (such as special effects, lighting, music), or acting. Each one of these three areas you choose to write about should be introduced with a topic sentence, and that topic sentence should reference your thesis. (If your thesis asserts that the film is exceptionally reflective and thought provoking, then your topic sentence might read like this: The casting in this film also made the movie thought provoking because the cast ….)

Do you recommend that your audience see this film? Why or why not? Your answer is the thesis of your essay. It should be the third sentence in your introductory paragraph. Please italicize that sentence. Why the third sentence? I want you to write what is called a four-step introduction paragraph. (Remember that this is one paragraph, not four little paragraphs).

How to write a four-step introduction paragraph.

The first sentence (or step) of your essay should catch our attention (it could be a fact or detailed description about the film or even a quote if you say who said it).
The second sentence (or step) of your opening paragraph should name the topic of your essay (the name of the film should be part of it).
Then you follow that with your italicized thesis statement that seeks to persuade the readers to your viewpoint using the elements from your discussion (casting, directing, etc.).
Your fourth and last sentence of the introductory paragraph should be a preview sentence. For this paper, it should say something like this: This essay looks at how the plot, filming techniques and directing all came together to … (reference your thesis position here lightly). (See for one professor’s explication of a good introduction.)
Write in paragraphs. Give your essay a two-part title that is separated by a colon (probably the name of the film in quote marks, and on the other side of the colon your angle on that film). Use a running header. Write using MLA formatting. Make the writing interesting and engaging. Use specific examples to support your statements. At the end of the essay have a Works Cited that lists in proper form the movie you reviewed and the other source you quoted from (Need help on MLA? Google “The OWL, MLA” and read around that website.)

File management is very important. To avoid being confused about which version of an essay you have, and to be clear to others, always include your first and last name and the modle and the assignment: JohnSmithM1FilmReview VersionA