Film list and detail will be sending by resources. THIS PAPER WILL BE TURN INTO TURNITIN.COM, PLEASE BE SPECIFIC. THANK YOU.

Review of one documentary film. We suggest you find a review of the film so you are aware of the content before you start.

Each review is two parts:
1. Write an academic review according to general instructions.
2. Answer the questions for your film

For the general part of your review, follow the guidelines on page 2 of this assignment.

For the second part, the questions are listed below along with information on each film.
The film list begins on Page 3.

Your review should be at least 1,500 words double spaced, one inch margins, 12-pt font. This word count includes the word count for pasting in the questions you answer. Please do that, it is easier for us to grade your paper.

You can write longer papers, but try to be concise and to the point so you stay close to the word count. This is a low-stress assignment and is meant for you to apply concepts learned in this course in a different medium.

Papers will be graded on originality, critical assessment, and comprehension of the filmcontent, grammar and organization.

Please do not do this assignment without watching the film. Your professor has seen all of them several times and can tell if you watched it or not. It is best to watch the film and then, during a second viewing, pause the film to write down answers to the questions.

Do not pick one with only a few questions, the film is most likely longer for those options or the questions are more difficult.

Guidelines for Writing the Academic Film Review

Please divide your paper into these general sections. Be sure your name is on your assignment and ensure your grammar and spelling are correct.

Include the name of the film in your filename.
Upload your paper to Turnitin with the submission name as Your Name Name of Film.
The film name in the submission title can be brief ??” 1-2 words.


Give the name of film, producer and the year.

Why did you select this film for your review?

Had you seen it before?
If so, how did a second viewing help in your understanding or enjoyment?

What was the film’s purpose or thesis? Was it clear or did you have to infer it?

Who is the primary audience for this film?

Was the format strictly documentary or were there some dramatic recreations? Why do you think they used recreations?

Relevance to coursework

How does this film relate to what you are learning the SS1A course lectures or readings?

Which specific social science concepts, from this class or your readings, are helpful for understanding the film?

Which issues were the strongest in the film?


Were there any important omissions that you feel would improve the film?

How might this film impact others different from you (i.e. gender, ethnicity, culture)?

Film-Specific Questions:

Answer the questions listed on the assignment page for your film after this review.

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