On the basis of your thoughts, construct a thesis-guided essay of around 5 pages, double-spaced, typed and citing all secondary sources you have consulted in writing your essay. The primary learning goal of this course is to combine an investigation of the textuality of crucial films for the german industry with an understanding of why these films were important in the evolution of German film history. Your paper should therefore be responsible to some aspects of the context of the films you analyze but close analysis is equally important. : ( As Kaes has suggested, scholars kerned from Kracauer “that films signify something not in abstract but concretely at a a certain moment in time, at a certain place and for a certain audience. They offer responses to burning questions; they are meant to resonate have an impact.” quoted in Brockmann, 3)
So think through the questions posed and write an essay with this topic: THE STUDENT OF PRAGUE was the film which might be seen to have brought to an end the kino- debates which were centered on the relative artistic value of film to German culture. What are the basic arguments and how are they developed in Germany prior to the nationalization of the film industry in this country. Give a close analysis of how this film, STUDENT OF PRAGUE, contributes to bringing these debates to an end. This question will require the use of secondary sources so be sure that you document correctly.

Please make sure that the secondary sources which you use are ONLINE ARTICLES.
*A Critical History of German Film. Brockmann, Stephen. 2010.
*From Caligari to Hitler. Kracauer, Siegfried. 1947.

you can also use this source if you find it helpful and useful and if you can relate:
The German Cinema Book. Eds,. Bergfelder et al. BFI, 2002.