I need a paper written on a subject about Fidel Castro during the 20th century(1900-1999)The book that is referenced has to be real(non-fiction)The book can be about any type of event involving Fidel Castro. I do not have a book picked out. Any book can be used as long as it is about Fidel Castro. I do not have a title to the paper because I do not have a book to reference. 1)Right aligned name (Sebrina Whitener) 2) HIS 319B. Heading (centered) put the title, below the title put the author, and below the author put the number of pages. I do not need exactly a book review, I need to reference facts about the book and convience the professor of why/why not to buy the book. I would reference facts and relate them to everyday life. Really the pros and cons about the book and why someone would want to buy it. Limit your reporting about what the book is about. If you cannot write the paper without a heading or book, please email me. Keep the vocabulary simple not complexed words. Thanks for the help!