The main theme of this course has been the relationship between the individual and its society, specifically haw the humanities demonstrate the human desire to create and sustain social and political communities. We have studied the evolution of human civilization from its earliest tribal communities to rational
systems such as Athenian Democracy and the Roman Republic, from the feudal system of the middle ages to the rise of Humanism and the Modern Republic. In each of these periods, we have investigated how ideas become the very means for which a society is arranged around, from class hierarchy to autonomy of the citizen. The question for you to consider for this final journal is this: how do the arts (painting,sculpture,literature, music,architecture,etc.)
demonstrate these cultural,socio-political attitudes? Your
job here is to focus on one era we have studied and chose one work of art from that era and clearly demonstrate how that work represents the larger cultural context it is produced within. You must also consider how the work of art contributes to specific society in question and to society in general.”please use a work of art fro the Roman Republic”