FEMINISTS WHO WEAR LIPSTICK: This is creative piece to be used in a “zine.” It is explaining to young girls today how feminism is no longer comprised of hairy-legged manless women. 3rd Wave Feminists today are feminine. They can be powerful and sexy. The paper should explain the new ways of thinking about feminism without associating it with anti-male, angry butch women attitudes.

Materials to aid in writing:
Angela McRobbie “PostModernism and Popular Culture” Pg. 166
“Far from having to relinquish their femininity to achieve ”equality” these girls have demanded their right to hold on to it intact, even excessively.”

Popular examples:
-Charlie”s Angels & Tomb Raider (Girls who kick ass and are sexy)
-Madonna (Powerful sexy woman who thrives on having a husband and being a wife and mother.)
-Martha Stewart (Through her empire of magazines, books, TV shows, catalogues, newspaper columns, a Web site, a radio program, and a Kmart franchise, she reaches 88 million people a month. She is a powerful and outrageously successful woman her made her fortune by teaching women how to be a domestic goddess. Made money by being a traditional female.)