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1) Feminists have suggested that social theory does not exist in a vacuum and that social theory itself is highly gendered and woman have been excluded from the social theorizing. What does a feminist standpoint theory as advocated by Dorothy Smith offer? How does it relate to Patricia Hills Collins’ notion of a black feminist standpoint? In what sense does Virginia Wollf’s “ A Room of One’s Own” constitute a feminist standpoint, and what is distinctive about her conception of an emancipated culture?

2) Contemporary social theory and politics have been plagued by contrasting logics: a “logic of equality” (redistribution) and a “logic of difference” (identity). How does Nancy Fraser propose to overcome this antinomy?

3) The politics of difference and multiculturalism have questioned social theory’s privileged claim to universality. They have highlighted the complex history of European expansion and conquest of the world, and the Eurocentrism of social theory. Discuss these critiques with reference to W.E.B DuBois and Stuart Hall.

4) In what way does globalization pose a challenge to classical social theory? And what is the significance of Justin Rosenberg’s distinction between “Globalization Theory” and a “Theory of Globalization”? Is his argument a persuasive defense of classical social theory?

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