The question: In the 1950’s many married women were unhappy with their role in society, but most were unable to articulate what became known as “the problem that has no name” and lacked an active women’s movement to help them. By the 1970’s a thriving feminist movement had come into being that had fundamentally changed the position of women in American society. How did this happen? Discuss, tracing the development in a chronological narrative that identifies the main turning-points, the main forces for change, the major reforms that were accomplished (and those that were sought but not achieved), and the reasons for the backlash of the 1980’s. Conclude with a paragraph summing up the major ways in which the lives of American women were different by the 1990’s than they had been in the 1950’s. Your answer MUST be based on Ruth Rosen, The World Split Open supplemented by the Lecture Notes.