The paper should be about FEMALE INFANTICIDE IN CHINA. there should be at least 4 academic sources such as journals or portions of books and to provide a scholarly overview of a social justice issue in China. Please be certain to answer the following question within the first three paragraphs: Why is the issues a social justice concern? in answering this question, name the primary justice philosophy your are using to identify thematter as a social justice. Also, identify what perspective(s) on justice may have lead to and may be perpetuating its occurrence. Please provide the most current data you can find to clarify what is going on with the issue.
Then please be sure to answer all of the following questions: What is happening? Who is involved? Who/what is being harmed/adversely affected by the handling of this matter? Is anything being done to stop the pattern? What are the likely consequences and outcomes if this pattern continues? The paper must include a section about three pages long that explains how the different systems of justice evaluate the issue. Systems of justice: a Roman Catholic teaching on justice, a feminist perspective on justice, and the powerful man perspective, the buddhist, or the confucian philosophy of justice, please define/describe each system in the paper. What according to each system of justice, should be done about the situation. Please label each paragraph with the philosophy you will be discussing. The final two and a half to three pages should be a statement of your own assessment of this issue based on your own views and philosophy of justice. Please write a plan of action that reflects your ethical philosophy and states what YOU COULD PERSONALLY DO to help solve the problem. Please identify at least one strategy for building power relationships for change. Them evaluate your plan”s (potential) effectiveness.