I need a (6) six-page essay on the World Literature course.
There are five separate questions that need to be answered thoroughly.
Please use one page per question except for essay#5 which should be about 2 pages.
I’ll include the literature textbook materials.

Read the poem, “The Husband’s Message”, carefully to answer the question.
What is the mood or feeling of the “The Husband’s Message”? How do the imagery, figurative language and poetic devices work together to achieve this mood or feeling?
Write an essay of one or two paragraph(s) in which you describe the mood of the poem and identify the mechanisms used by the poet to achieve this mood. Your response should identify at least two examples of a poetic device (alliteration, assonance, etc.), one image, and one example of figurative language from the poem.

Read the poem “The Husband’s Message” carefully to answer the question.
Write a paragraph addressing the question of whether or not “The Husband’s Message” is an epic poem. Consider the hero, the events, and the setting in your answer. (Also read pages 20,44,71)

Read the poem “Sonnet 57” carefully to answer the question.
Based on this sonnet, what do you think is Shakespeare’s view of love? Support your response with examples from this sonnet as well as two other works of Shakespeare that you’ve read during the course so far.
Your answer should be 2 paragraphs long and should be supported with specific textual examples. (Also read pages 275,278-280)

Read the poem “Sonnet 57” carefully to answer the question.
Identify two examples of irony in Sonnet 57. Explain why each example is ironic and what effect the irony achieves in the poem.

You have read numerous texts, both fiction and nonfiction, that address or describe the relationship between men and women and/or address the rights and role(s) of women in society. How has the role of women changed over time periods we’ve studied so far?
Read the two selections (“Federigo’s Falcon” and “Female Orations”) that represent two different time periods (Middle Ages and Renaissance) and explain how women are characterized in the piece, how that characterization reflects the values and customs of the time period, and how it has changed over time.
Your response should be at least three paragraphs long and should be supported by specific examples from the texts you choose. (Read pages 187-190,332-334,371)

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