This paper should be a full four page long persuasive essay about why fathers should get more paternity leave from work. Include all the benefits associated with taking more paternity leave, and all the misfortunes associated with not being able to take paternity leave.
This paper should appeal to reason by using facts and statistics.
It should appeal to credibility of character by using credible sources, and prove your own credibility with superb academic writing.
And appeal to emotion and beliefs to support your own passion about the issue.
There should be a VARIETY of signal phrases and in-text citations used in the paper to identify the source and type of information (facts, opinions, observations, etc.) and to help the readers distinguish the source information from your own.

For example: James A. Levine claims that while many companies officially support paternity leave, they still send a strong, but discreet, message to their employees that those who take paternity leave are not committed to their job and can face termination of employment (98).

A poll conducted by Parents Magazine December 1993 showed shocking statistics, “Sixty-seven percent of American men who responded to the poll said that no paternity leave, paid or unpaid, was available to them when their youngest child was born” (98).

According to Robert Israeloff, “It is financially difficult if not impossible for families to even consider paternity leave” (98).

“The reality is,” writes Israeloff, “it makes more economic sense for women to stay home with newborns” (98).

AT&T Sokesperson Burke Stinson says that “Men who take paternity leave have to be supremely confident” (98).

Silberman does not find it surprising that “the birth of a child” is very difficult for families and “is a time of great financial strain” (98).

Elinor Silberman, Vice President of Compensation and Benefits at Home Box Office (HBO), argues that although paternity leave is available at her company, most men decline due to the financial strain of a newborn. (98)

There is one excellent source that I would like you to use if you can find it. It’s “The Truth About Paternity Leave” by Roberta Isrealoff. The various signal phrases and citations above were taken from that source.
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