There are two parts for this paper. I want one page for part one, and three pages for part two.

These are the directions:

Your first step is to actually observe. Follow the directions listed.

1. Go to a public place (like McDonalds/Burger King, park, concert, sporting event, mall) and sit down for a minimum of one hour. Make sure to pick a place that you have either never been or is a version of a place you frequent but is in a different geographic area than you usually frequent. (If you want to observe munity college students, don’t do your observation at Citrus College. You can go to Mt. San Antonio College, or a different college, and observe the quad areas during lunch time, for example.). You can be adventurous with this; go somewhere really different from where you would normally go (please note, however, safety is an issue. Do not go somewhere that either obviously puts you in danger or even makes you feel like you are in danger).

2. As you sit there for at least an hour, observe what the people around you are doing (so obviously you must pick a spot that has a lot of people).

3. Take notes. I expect you to be constantly scribbling while you are there. You can take a few minutes to orient yourself in the beginning, but otherwise you should be always writing something down. Notice I’m not telling you what to write, just write what you observe. You should have at least 2 full written pages of notes. If you have less than 2 pages I would say that you did not gather enough information from your observation to write part 2.

4. Rewrite your notes when you e back home (it’s best to do this immediately; otherwise cryptic notes that you wrote yourself may bee inprehensible when it es time to write your paper).

5. Type your notes up into a sequence form. The form is your choice; it can be either chronological (i.e., at 12:04 pm this happened) or sectional (all of this kind of behavior, then a section about another kind of behavior). Once you have it all nicely typed up MAKE SURE your name is on it at the top. Post by clicking on Turn in assignments link under the Observation Part One heading. This part is worth 10 of the 60 points.

Here is where the sociology es in. Now you are actually going to label what you observed with actual sociological terms.

1. Reread your original observation notes and your original observation part one.

2. You are now going to retype your original assignment, but this time you are going to apply your sociological knowledge that you have been learning. This part must be written in plete sentences, in paragraph form (not in bullet points), and you will expand on course ideas as they apply to what you observed.

3. I expect you to use SPECIFIC sociological terms and theoretical concepts. By the time this assignment is due you will have read many chapters and have had lectures on them. I expect that you will be able to section out specific examples of different sociological phenomena and label it appropriately.

4. At the end of the paper do a couple of paragraphs paring and contrasting your first draft with this draft. What are the differences (besides the obvious I didn’t know sociology in the beginning) between the two? Do you think your attitude is different? If you had done part one after all of your sociology lessons instead of before, do you think it would have turned out differently, or the same? Why?

5. This part of the assignment is worth 50 points.

Completed papers (not including part 1) should be 3-4 pages, typed, double-spaced, 12-point (Times New Roman font in black ink) with 1” margins.

· Grammar, spelling, and format are important. Be sure to use your spell/grammar check and proof read your work. Proper spelling & grammar are important indicators of a well-prepared paper. Excessive errors will result in a reduction of points.

This is an academic paper, therefore the explanations must be written in formal language (no slang, limit contractions, such as can’t, don’t, won’t).
Late papers will not be accepted. No exceptions.

You can find all the sociological terms in this book “Essentials of Sociology A Down to Earth Approach by James M. Henslin 7th Edition”. However, I have an online version one if you want to use. Go to [ http://www.ablongman./mysoclab/ ] and then click the button “MySocLab” under Returning Users. Type in the account ” ” and the passwords is ” w ”


Fast food restaurant
Coffee house
Sporting event
Public library
Grocery store
Shopping mall
Cafeteria or food court
Bus station
Church service
Tattoo parlor
A gym
Night club
Casino (bicycle club)
Santa Monica peer
Venice Beach