This is a business law paper, i have prepared an outline for you to use as a guide. Please prepare a table of contents, an introduction, captions for each sub-topic paragraph, footnotes with citations for references in correct citation form, and a conclusion.

-What is a Fashion Design Knockoff?

-How did it start?
-Where is it common?
-Where is it being produced, manufactured?
-What is the system that the manufacturers of fashion design knockoffs use?
-Where does the law stand when it comes to Fashion Design?
-How can infringement be proven?
-For instance, if Aldo produces a pair of shoe that is very similar to Alexander McQueen, what should be the requirements of Aldo for not to be suied for infringement?
-Can knockoffs be stopped?
-What is the punishment?
-What are the precautions designers take to prevent it?

-What more can be done to decrease the amount of knockoffs?
-How does the law handle fashion design knockoffs? For instance, you cannot enter France with a knockoff purse in your luggage. They will question you in regard of where you bought the bag, the price and the location.
-Is this system helping designers?