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Be as thorough as possible in your response and provide specific examples with supporting details from the texts and lecture notes. Do not use general statements and do not summarize. Special emphasis will be given to your ability to provide in-depth analysis in support of your observations. If quotations are used, simply use a parenthetical citation.

Analyze the internal dynamics of family and community formation amongst Cortez Japanese-Americans in Valerie Matsumoto’s Farming the Home Place. (ISBN 0801481155) Using chapters 1-4 examine how these characteristics contribute to the community’s development and economic prosperity before the Second World War? Next, how did these same characteristics change as a result of the internment of Japanese-Americans during the war? Be sure to include a discussion of daily life in the internment camp.

Include discussion of the family patriarchy, (Sexual division of labor, the double burden to women having to work in the fields and at home) and family economy. Mention Cortez Growers’ Association (CGA) and community. Also discuss the War Relocation Authority and executive order #9066
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