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Social Policy Analysis Assignment
Introduction: Having explored what social policy is and the different forms it may take, this module is designed to help you understand how to analyze a social policy and to undertake the policy analysis for this class.
Required Reading: 1)Karger & Stoesz Chapters 2, You will need to refer to this chapter to clarify the process of the policy analysis.
Key Concepts: 1) What do we mean by Social Policy Analysis? 2) Review of Models or Frameworks for Social Policy Analysis 3) How do I go about starting the assignment?
1) What do we mean by Social Policy Analysis?
a) It is the systematic evaluation of a specifically identified social policy according to a predetermined model or framework of analysis which usually consists of a set of questions to be answered. These questions usually relate to the following areas. They may ask more than these questions listed here, or they may not ask all of them. Frameworks may group the questions differently, but usually the basic questions identified below will be there in some form or other:
i) History and context of the policy ii) Ideology/values/politics influencing the policy iii) Goals of the policy iv) Description of the policy v) What problems did/does it seek to address vi) Beneficiaries of the policy, who seeks to gain, does anyone lose by this policy vii) Who are/were the advocates for this policy, who argued against it viii) How will it be funded ix) How will it be implemented, who will be responsible for service delivery x) How will it be evaluated for effectiveness xi) What alternative policies are there xii) What are the main outcomes of the policy xiii) What are the unintended consequences.
b) Karger & Stoesz (2014: 29) define a framework (model) for policy analysis as: ?a set of questions that analysts systematically ask about a past, present or future policy in order to determine its desirability or viability?.
c) Social Policy Analysis models or frameworks vary considerably and one may be better for a particular policy than another Krager and Stoesz chapter 2 offers a standard model addition other framework is saved in this module. You should select one and should it be referenced accurately APA style in your paper.
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d) It is important that social workers know how to analyze a social policy because: (a) We need to understand the impact of policies on services and on individual clients in order to be able to offer the best services to the client. (b) We need to be able to differentiate in clinical assessment what issues are within the power of clients? to resolve and what are structural or policy issues. (c) We may need to advocate and lobby for policies that affect our clients, our agency, and ourselves and our families, and we need to know how to present a good case. (d) We may need to include some analysis in a grant application. The ability to include policy analysis and appropriately referenced government documents is a good skill to have in grant writing. (e) We should always not accept policies just as they are presented, but we should be prepared to use critical thinking and evaluate their worth. (f) We should be able to analyze policies with the interests of the client in mind. To do this effectively we have to be able to distinguish who are the key players in creating a policy.. (g) Everybody can become an advocate and work through NASW to achieve important policy changes. Don?t be frustrated and burned out by negativism and cynicism, work to become an advocate and create a better system if you see the flaws in the existing one. The ability to analyze policy is essential in this process.
2) Review of Models of Policy Analysis. First review the model presented in the Karger & Stoesz (2014) chapter2. This is a convenient model to use because it is simple and clear to understand.
This framework is divided into 4 sections as you will see on p 31 figure 2.1):
i) Historical background of the policy. ii) Problems that necessitate the policy iii) Policy description iv) Policy analysis: goals, economic, political and administrative feasibility.
The framework includes detailed questions under each of these main headings.
Policy Analysis Framework and the grading criteria
Policy Analysis Paper – Overview Each student will read professional articles, newspaper commentaries, and news magazines stories to become familiar with current public policy issues that are important to them and/or his/her client populations. For ideas look at the document called, ?Partial list of policies for analysis? in the Resources tab in course content. Once a topic of interest has been identified, it must be approved by the instructor. This is to be done before a proposal is made. Depending on the section the process of getting your topic approved will be announced in class. The paper will consist of a policy analysis of the current policy using the ?Framework? described in chapter two of the Karger & Stoesz (see link under course ?Resources?).