Family Law: Critical essay

paper must be double-spaced, times new roman, 12 pt. font, in full-length of 6 pages(275 words per page)

The only textbook that should be used for this research paper in gathering information/examples is: Areen, Judith Family Law: Cases & Materials 4th ed., Foundation Press: NY,NY (1990)

Use these these 3 Chapters ONLY:
Chapter 1: Marriage
Chapter 2: Marrying
Chapter 3: Divorce

Recent decisions by the United States Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of Massachusetts and the current policy of the City of San Francisco have extended privacy rights to gays and Lesbians.

This has resulted in oppositional critism arguing that the extension will lead to increased liberalization of policies in other areas of family.

Using cases and the material from the textbook, please address this debate and discuss IF TO WHAT EXTENT the state should regulate family privacy.

When arguing on the debate of gays and lesbians use supporting information and provide examples from cases in above 3 chapters provided.

Critique from your own opinion by providing facts, decisions , concurrent arguements, and main pts of CASES.

*can include constitutional clauses along with cases to support arguements.

This should be a critical essay that should include all supportive facts, and examples with some opinions.

Make sure to have supporting evidence of why you have certain opinions on these such cases that pertain to gays and lesbians with the 3 categories of marriage, marrying, and divorce.

Forgot to include sections and pgs. to get info. frm:

Chapter 1: Marrying

Restrictions on who may marry:pgs. 2-46

Constitutionality of marriage restrictions:pgs. 46-48
– Loving v. Virginia

Chapter 2: Marriage

Marriage and the Law pgs. 95-101

Other views on marriage and the family pgs. 102-136

Encroachments on the doctrine of family privacy pgs. 325-350
– Property Law

Chapter 3: Divorce

Traditional Fault Grounds & Defenses pgs. 350-371

No Fault Divorce pgs. 371-398

Covenent Marriage and Divorce pgs. 398

Annulments and Seperations 407-408