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You are required to write a research paper/formal literature review in APA format on one of the specific approaches to family counseling, (e.g., structural, psychoanalytic, Bowenian, experiential, etc.). You should have appropriate professional references, including books and journals that are written to or for professionals. You may use some non-professional materials however these may not be the bulk of your references.

The format can follow the chapter format from the main text (Family Therapy) however, do not use the text as your primary reference. You will need a minimum of 12 sources in your reference page and therefore cited in the body of the paper. Part I of your paper requires a minimum of 6 pages in length, double-spaced; the paper must cover a style of familycounseling covered in this course.

A personal integration section is required. This second section of your paper will be your attempt, after an entire graduate course on family counseling, to integrate your own faith and family counseling approach. You may use whatever resources are necessary to complete the assignment, including materials from Worthington?s text. Please feel free to use books about integration, or any materials you have found beneficial on integrating your faith and counseling. The supplemental textbooks listed in your Syllabus may be of help to you in writing this paper. If your view is something other than Christian, discuss how your view might interact with your counseling approach. The use of the personal pronoun ?I? is allowed in this section. This part of the paper should be a minimum of 4 pages in length. The entire paper (part I & II) will be a minimum of 10 pages.