please use APA cited.
answer both questions please.

1. Explain why and how family studies and services fits within the Family and Consumer Sciences profession and how your background in Family and Consumer Sciences prepared you for a career as a family services agent. Discuss the mission of the Familyand Consumer Sciences profession and its relationship to the work of a family services agent. (notes are below to help)

2. Discuss the Code of Ethics of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences and the ethics statement of the National Council on Family Relations . Compare and contrast the two ethics statements. Give example of how the codes would guide your professional behavior in your professional practice

notes for number 1 question.
Our Mission:
To enhance the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities through education, research, creative endeavors, and public service.
Our Vision:
The department of Family & Consumer Sciences is inspired by the belief that a supportive, challenging learning environment is a foundation for the personal, intellectual and professional development of our students, faculty and staff.
Our Purpose:
Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) encompasses the study of relationships among people and their personal environments, focusing on the impact of physical, biological, and social environments on human behavior and development.
We prepare students to become informed citizens and professionals through the study of the following programs.

The mission of Family and Consumer Sciences is to prepare students to engage the culture and offer solutions to problems faced by individuals, families and communities that involve food, clothing, shelter, and family relationships.

The mission of the School of Family and Consumer Sciences is to improve the quality of life for individuals and families within the global community through education and supported by research and service. Focus areas include family interaction, living environments, human growth and development, foods and nutrition, human and material resource management, and consumer studies.

Family and Consumer Sciences prepares students to improve the global society through its life span perspective and with an applied integrative focus on individual and familydevelopment, nutrition and health, consumer studies, merchandising, apparel and textile design and hospitality management.