TOPIC: Fairy Tales in Popular Culture (Film, advertising, etc.)

The finished product will integrate and expand on our readings and discussions in the course, enabling you to explore some of the intersections of the separate elements we’ve looked at (fairy tales and obedience to authority), and to see how these parts relate to our theme of “Myth America.” You have a great deal of latitude in choosing a topic within these overlapping categories, with some restrictions: 1) your research must include some aspect of fairy tales, myth, or folklore; 2) you may not use Cinderella as your main topic, though you may of course make reference to it; and 3) you need to make explicit connections between your research and our classwork.

The most important thing is to get started on the reading and research immediately. Rather than waiting to decide on a topic before you start the research, begin by doing some exploratory reading to give you some ideas about the direction of your research, and then work towards finding a topic and forming a thesis from that initial search of the materials. I have placed several works on reserve in the library, and I encourage you to start looking at these right away, if you haven’t already. In choosing your topic, think about the issues and questions that have come up in class which have stuck with you and gnawed at the back of your mind; the best research comes out of questions that have meaning and importance to the researcher, and that’s what should guide you in formulating a topic for investigation.