Long time no hear. Below are the guidelines for the paper and an brief outline. Let me know if you have any questions.

Objective: Assess the vulnerabilities of an organization’s hardware and software systems,
transmission media, local area networks, wide area networks, enterprise networks,
Intranets, and its use of the Internet to cyber intrusions.

Competencies: Critical thinking
Instructions: In 8 -10 double-spaced pages develop an argument for what you believe is
the single most important cybersecurity vulnerability facing IT managers today. The
paper should include at a minimum a complete description of the vulnerability, the
reasons why it is the most important, the impact of this vulnerability on
organizations and how organizations can best address its potential impacts. (Note:
A vulnerability is a security weakness; a vulnerability is not a security threat.)
Format: Prepare the paper in Word. Include 10 sources. The citations and the
reference list in the paper should be formatted in accordance with APA 6th edition

Ensure the paper content shows:
a. Clarity of the vulnerability – The vulnerability chosen is thoroughly developed and
clearly stated.
b. Clarity of mitigation – The mitigation approach presented is thorough and complete.
c. Clarity of organizational impact of vulnerability – The impact on organizations and
organizational response to chosen vulnerability is thoroughly developed and logically
d. Quality of documentation support – The discussion in the paper is based on a thorough
review of the literature
Ensure the paper format shows:
a. Organization and length – The content is well organized with clear transitions among
major subtopics. Meets length requirements.
b. Writing Style – Graduate level writing is reflected throughout the paper, including
accurate spelling, punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure
c. Proper APA formatting – In-text citations are presented in proper APA format and all
sources are identified in the reference list and cited in proper APA format.

Title: Access: Single Most Important Cybersecurity Vulnerability Facing IT Mangers Today

Introduction should show how technology touches every domain (human, financial, medical, government, etc.), how important technology is and why cybersecurity is important. Also, show why access will be a problem for years to come. Areas to cover are insider access (insider threat, social network…i.e. More businesses are using social network platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc) which poss a huge security risk to theft, privacy, etc. Using vendor applications/software. Also, how beta testers have access to those vendors’ software/applications. The different attacks from hackers and unintentional attacks, such as database overload from many queries or access to the site. Lastly, regulations, laws and rules that govern cyber and access.

Below is the outline of topics to be covered in this paper:
I. History

II. Insider access
1. Privelege user with unrestricted access to areas
?-? Cleared and able to roam freely
?-? Insider threat
? Lack of training
? Lack of awareness
? Intentional
2. Vendor Support
?-? Proprietary software
?-? Off the shelf software and applications

III. Attacks
?-? Intentional and unintentional
• Social Engineering
?-? Social network platforms
IV. Regulation and Governance

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