I have chosen the poet that should be used for this task, and it is WH Auden.
The task is given below, I will do the presentation of the assignment I just need you to write the script to it. Remember it is a Radio announcement!

Unit: Making Sense of a wider world
Integrating device: 20th century poetry
Genre: Expository Oral

Task: You are to take on the role of a radio presenter for a youth arts program. You are the host of a program called ?The Amazing Moderns?. This week?s episode is to focus on a modern poet. The program SHOULD EXPLAIN:
-The context in which the poet was writing and some background to modern poetry.
-The invited reading of 2 of his poems, including the discourses that underpin them
-the context in which it is now being read (How do you react to the poetry)
-The relevance of the modern poet?s poetry towards a young audience.

You should avoid any of the ?war poets? in this task.

ROLE: Young poetry reader, Radio presenter

Audience: Young arts audience aged between 17 and 25 (NEEDS TO BE AIMED for them, so it needs to maintain their attention)

-to make sense of the world around us
-To critically examine WH Auden and his poetry
-To present an informative and entertaining radio program. (Since this task is an oral i will present it and I just need the script.)

-Research must be referenced in the script and attached in the bibliography

Length: 6 to 8 minutes which equates to around 1100 words.

Needs to be thoroughly justified about the structure, language, meaning of the poets.
Needs to display that you are an expertise in these poems.
The script requires use of cohesive devices.
Script needs to be in-depth, it is a reflection; providing evidence to support your idea.
REMEMBER it is aimed for a 17-25 year age group.
When describing/talking about a particular poem give information about the use of (if any) similes, metaphors, Personification, Apostrophe, Paradox, Oxymoron, Hyperbole, Antithesis, Epigram, word of phrase repetition, Alliteration, assonance, Onomatopoeia, imagery, symbolism, Allegory, Trochaic, Dactylic, Anapestic, amphibraic, spondee, the way structure if it uses stanza?s or something else and if there are any others…

Because this is poetic Analysis, these questions will help
-What is the poet saying
-How is the poet saying it
(How to analyse a poem; What is it about, How is it said (which techniques are utilised), Why (what?s going on in the world with reference to the author), So what or basically Why is it relevant today

One of the two poets that should be mentioned is ?The Fall of Rome?

If there are any problems please contact me by email!
I’ve check’d the “provide additional Material option” for email in case there is something that i need to send, and if there are problems in understanding what i mean when i say Onomatopoeia or something else for example.
and im not sure what the appropriate amount of sources that you should site, so i just put in randomly 3.