I need a literature review on this question

Explore community-based family violence prevention models/strategies and response systems used in other Southeast Asian societies and discuss their appropriateness in the Cambodian context

My thesis is concentrating on only one aspect of family violence, i.e. violences against women with a special focus on domestic or intimate partner violence.

So please do not include community based programs that focus on violence against elders, children and men. Additionally don’t use programs on HIV/AIDS,and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases etc.

In brief(not more than 300 words) please explain the methodology for this section (Search criteria i.e.,inclusion and exclusion, search terms used, sources, what databases were used etc.)

You could use data or programs from any of the south east Asian developing countries.But when choosing countries, you need to explain why that data from that particular country would suit programs in Cambodian context.

Rather than talking about programs or response systems individually please group them under appropriate prevention strategies or what ever is appropriate (for example, primary, secondary or tertiary).

Please check this article Intervening with Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence: A Global Perspective © World Health Organization 2003. I want the review to be of a similar pattern. Like the one they used for clubbing the programs (Table2: Parent agencies of batterer intervention programmes).

Please send me the sources you used for this review, if possible..