This assignment consists of four different subprojects about the same company. Each one is refered to as assignment 1,2,3, and 4. The first paper is five pages, the second for pages, the third four pages, and the fourth four pages. Extensive research is necessary to complete the assignment and several resources of information.

Assignment #1
Obtain an annual report and perform an analysis of Smith & Wesson and their customers. Also research Smith & Wesson by searching for articles and/or analyst reports from any of the major financial news web sites available to you. Sites that I have used in the past have included,, among others. Read the annual reports in an effort to determine a general outline of who S&W?s customers are, and what business they are in.
Write a profile what S&W do, highlighting any key aspects/hot button issues that you find. By hot button, I refer to any particular aspects that give them some sort of competitive advantage or ?uniqueness?. Who are their main competitors? What industry are they in? What are their key products? Which customer segments do they primarily serve? How successful have they been?, etc. Please note that I am not asking for their entire history just a profile that gives a broad picture of S&W.
In total it should be five (5) pages.

Assignment #2
Research Smith & Wesson and its industry and perform a Porter Five Forces analysis. For this assignment a minimum of five separate pieces of research material should be obtained, which can include periodical articles, investor analysis, and trend analysis for S&W?s industry.
A Five Forces chart should begin theanalysis to serve as a quick reference point. Beneath each of the forces, a brief one or two word description should be presented about the pages that will follow (see example in picture).
Each of the Five Forces; namely, Ease of Entry, Rivalry, Supplier Power, Buyer Power, and Available Substitutes, should then be discussed beneath their own headings in the paper. Also, please conclude the paper with a brief (1-3 paragraphs are probably good) summary of the key competitive forces that are facing the company.
In total four (4) pages.

Assignment #3
Perform an External Factor Evaluation Matrix on Smith & Wesson. The critical thing to remember about this analysis is to develop a thorough understanding of the factors chosen. Because of the importance of factor knowledge, a minimum of five external sources of information should be acquired regarding the factors chosen. The analysisshould include a chart similar to the one below
Choose 7-10 external factors for analysis
For each factor write a paragraph or two as necessary discussing the nature of the factor, how it will impact the firm, and its importance to the future strategy of the firm (i.e., tell the reason for the assigned rating score).
The essay should be a total of four (4) pages.

Assignment #4
Perform an Internal Factor Evaluation on Smith & Wesson The analysis should include a chart similar to the one shown in Assignment #3 with the notable exception that categories should be ?Strengths? and ?Weaknesses? instead of opportunities and threats.
financial ratio analysis can be critical in finding some internal factors. The basic idea is to use ratio analysis (comparison of Smith & Wesson to its industry and competitors) to support the factors chosen.
Do a chart identical to the EFE, except of course that the factors will be internal.
Choose 8-10 internal factors for analysis
For each factor write a paragraph or two as necessary discussing the nature of the factor, how it will impact Smith & Wesson, and its importance to the future strategy of the firm.
The paper should be four (4) pages in total.

A total of 17 pages.

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