Below are nine websites for state and local governments as well as universities. You are to visit each website and read the material they have available on their sites. After reviewing the material, please answer the following four questions (1 page each).

1. Which website(s) conforms closest to your understanding of what risk management is all about? Why?

2. What tends to be the major focus of many of the websites? Please make sure you compare and contrast the nine sites. In other words, what elements do they all seem to have in common? What is missing?

3. You are to select one unit, website, for review and assume you are conducting a management audit (not a financial audit). In this audit, you are to evaluate the unit using criteria from your base of knowledge on risk management. You are to make recommendations for improving the unit. However, since time and money are both scarce, you need to narrow your list of recommendations down to the two most important changes that should be made. Please make your recommendation and explain why they are important for improving risk management.

4. Evaluate the mission statement of one of the websites using as your guide the readings and their discussion of risk and the process of risk management. Explain how you might change the statement.