In August, 2009, in a CNN interview, billionaire investor Warren Buffett is quoted as saying that
investors should not bet against America, because America has systems to unleash human
potential. (below: the internet link and summary of the interview)

– Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, one of the world?s most successful investors, believes America will outdo China, because America has systems to unleash human potential.
– ?the best consumer potential is a smart consumer..if something is too good to be true, it probably is? I would much rather own a good business than a bond that is due in 20 or 30 years??
– August 14, 2009, CNN interview

Essay Question
Why is it appropriate for economies, and for individual firms, to create systems to unleash future potential. How can these kinds of systems impact on future financial performance? (looking for creative ideas)

Discuss this quote with reference to the following resources (attached files):
1. EquityAnalystsStillTooBullish
2. Fisher The People Factor
3. Sustainability_in_Accounting
4. JIC1 – Pfeffer Pitfalls on the Road to Measurement – OdonnellKramarDyball (3 combined files)
5. The Knowledge Economy

In your answer, explain how human capital analysis can improve the process of analysing the potential future value within listed firm.
You are asked to note that this is not an essay on the finance industry. You do not need detailed
knowledge of finance industry systems and practices.