This is a paper for a program of RN to BSN level. The paper is about the Nurses Code of Ethics (ANA and ICN) and the Female Mutilation a controversial cultural/religious practice in some Africa and Asia countries. The instructions to follow in order to write this paper are the following:

1-Review the Nurses Code of Ethics at:
2-Review the ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses at:
3-View the video Razor’s Edge and explore the web site at: (also e-mail material will be attached)

After post the following information:
1-explain the nurses role as a cultural broker (see material attached in e-mail for some guide)
2-describe two nursing interventions appropiate to apply to this situation. I will choose: educating the community (including males since it is a requisition for them to choose their wives)on the consequences and risks of this harmful practice and requesting the goverment support to prohibit this practice on septic/painful conditions and by untrained practitioners.
I also think that it can be done at an adult age that they can consent for it after sufficient information on consequences and risks were explained to them (this is in our code of ethics 1.4-The right to self determination otherwise it is a violation in my opinion of the human’s rights. In reality I would like the complete erradication of this awful practice but since it can be consider a violation of the person’s cultural traditions and values (cultural rights)but at the same time we as nurses have 4 fundamental responsibilities listed in the preamble of the Nurses Code of Ethics: which are: promote health; prevent illness; restore health; and alliviate suffering. After viewing the Razor’s Edge film those responsibilities are violated with the performance of this practice.
-Reflect on your feeling as you viewed this video. It was a horrible and sad feeling for me, listening and watching to the crying of those litter girls. I recently had in my work an African female patient that apparently had this practice done before immigrating to Unite States. I was trying to place Foley Catheter before her surgery and it was so hard for me to find her urethra and it call my attention the external genitalia scars noticed and with no clitoris and minora or majora labia. I was wondering that day what type of surgery she had done there no listed in her surgery or medical history, but now after the experience of this movie and article review I’m wondering what about her psychological scars that we don’t see?
-Last: how does the ICN Code and ANA Code of Ethics reflect our values as Register Nurses?

This paper shoul follow an APA STYLE that includes: Abstract, Introduction, Citations (limit to a minimun direct quotations, use your own words unless you mention exact nurses’ codes, etc.), and References (use the one I recomended please).
Additional References:
-World journal of surgery 23, 1082-1087, 1999
-Goliath article on Female Genital Mutilation
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