The topic is :

1. The problem with federalism is that no one is ever completely happy with the division of power. Give the case for either locally controlled or nationally controlled policy. Focus on issues of morality to narrow the scope of the paper.

The topics will relate to one or more chapters in the main Government in America text and may also relate to selected readings provided by your instructor. Papers will be reasonable in length (between 900 and 1200 words) and will require the use of citation formatting and writing techniques essential to the University student. , and students will be required to use primary and secondary sources to support their positions. Due dates for the papers will be provided and the topics will also be supplied well in advance. Paper scores will be reduced 7 points per day for every day late, which roughly equates to a grade lost for each day late.

Whenever a student quotes, paraphrases, or summarizes an idea from a book or article used in class or outside of it to support the tenants of a paper, that source must be documented in MLA style. The writing center and the library both have guides to the recently revised MLA format. Also see,