I have to have 3 sources, 1 book the rest articles.

Please keep these questions in mind when writing the paper.

What are some of the effects of fatherlessness?

Do you believe these effects are caused mainly by the absence of fathers, or could there be other reasons? Explain?

Do you believe it is possible for a single parent (either mother or father) to raise a well-adjusted child(ren)? If so, under what conditions might this be possible?

Why do you suppose so many fathers choose to give up the responsibilities of fatherhood?

Based on your own experiences, what do you believe the father’s role should be?

How can society encourage, support, or require father to be involved in rearing their children?

Questions taken from Strong, DeVault, and Sayad “Readings in the Marriage and Family Experience”

This is things that the instructor wants in the paper.