Here is the topic:

Facebook has evolved into one of the biggest and most profitable virtual organizations in the world. Since its creation, it has faced numerous challenges along its road to success including privacy controversies, personnel conflicts, and hard-hitting competition. In this paper I will analyze how Facebook has dealt with these challenges and ultimately became the world’s leading social networking organization. I will focus particularly on Facebook’s business strategy for confronting its main rivals Myspace and Google, as well as its privacy issues with its users. I will also discuss how Facebook has changed the role of virtual organizations and will continue to change the role of virtual organizations in modern society.”

This paper is to be well researched, clearly written, well organized and reflective of graduate level academic work.
This is to be written as if it were for a graduate MBA course on Virtual Organizations.
Please use 5 online sources as references (they must not require a password to be accessed) . Please include a work cited/reference page in APA format. No more than 10 percent of the paper should be direct quotations. And for quotations please include page number or paragragh number as APA directs. Please ensure there is a good transition before and after any quotations are used.

Thank you for your hard work!